The Concept


YogaBox was born when a Professional Boxer and a passionate Yoga Teacher saw that each other’s disciplines were two sides of the same coin.

Boxing has shed its ‘hard man’ reputation and become popular with guys and girls looking for a fun, high intensity workout with huge calorie burn. Few sports combine cardio, explosive muscular work and endurance in a way that also improves balance and coordination quite like ‘the sweet science’. Like any intense exercise, boxing gets you hot, sweaty and in need of a good stretch to restore muscles and joints to optimal function.

The intense exertion of boxing cries out to be balanced by something more calming and restorative for the body. Enter... Yoga. Its benefits in developing range of movement and reducing injury risk are well documented, and the calming meditation and breathing exercises found in yoga balance out the focussed intensity of a fighters' training.

So often we find it hard to achieve a balance in our busy lives, with exercise being a classic example. Is there a middle way between smashing out an intense HIIT session that leaves you sweating 20 minutes after the class ends and a restorative yoga session which takes care of your mind but not the calories? YogaBox has been designed to find this balance for your body and mind- work hard, get results, learn a skill, have fun, and then get the stretch and meditation you need to leave feeling just right. We love it, and we hope you do too.