What we teach


Unique to the YogaBox model is the presence of two, specialised instructors in each class. We’re bringing together London’s elite boxing coaches and yoga teachers to give you the best of both worlds. Together, they will take you through a journey of high intensity, fat-burning boxing training, married with all the restorative physical and emotional benefits of yoga practice.

We think that, when it comes to exercise, environment matters. YogaBox has partnered with some of London’s finest boutique hotels to set an ambiance of private luxury for our classes. You won’t find us in high street gyms. That’s on purpose.

All classes are capped at fourteen people to make sure you are at the forefront of every session you experience with us.

With two coaches in the room, you get more of their attention so that every week you develop your boxing skills and strengthen your yoga practice.

A YogaBox class will make you sweat, push your limits, then stretch you out and calm your mind. That’s why we call it the Yin and Yang of workouts.